Astonished At His Doctrine

Astonished At His Doctrine
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    Astonished At His Doctrine
    by Mark Strohkorb

    Paperback, 295 pages

    Some Christians think it futile to trouble themselves with such matters as theology, especially when it deals with the very nature of God. They seem to believe these things are best left to scholars. Nothing could be more shortsighted. No dogma so clearly defines Christian orthodoxy as the doctrine of the Trinity. Yet none has ever been so manipulated, misapplied, and misunderstood. Within these pages one can begin to understand why the great Jehovah wants His children to fully appreciate His nature as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Christians can finally believe on the Lord Jesus Christ in the manner originally taught by the Apostles. If you have often wondered about the standard orthodox formula, this book will answer some very important questions. How and why, for instance, did the Church ever come to profess a God in three Persons? One cannot read this book without being deeply affected and possibly changed forever.