From Convent To Pentecost

From Convent To Pentecost
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    From Convent To Pentecost: My Escape From The Cloistered Convent - 4th Printing
    As told to Sister Nilah by Sister Charlotte

    Paperback, 215 pages

    Charlotte had already fled twice from the dark grip of cloistered convent life when she walked into one of my evangelistic meetings. She gave her heart to Jesus. The Lord led us to travel together, and we ministered for fourteen years across North America. I preached the Gospel and she gave her testimony. But some of her story was never told.

    It was the summer of '57 that we travelled from New Brunswick, Canada, to California via the southern route, driving through Texas, Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. It was on that trip that Charlotte dictated to me her complete life story. I wrote it down, then typed it and placed it in a brown paper envelope. She said, "I don't want this published until I'm dead and gone." Forty-one years have passed by. My close friends have encouraged me to publish it. I have written it just as it was told to me, niether adding to nor deleting from, except in instances of some names and places. Her story needs to be heard.