The Pillar Of Fire

The Pillar Of Fire
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    The Pillar Of Fire
    by Rev. J. H. Ingraham

    Hardback, 243 pages

    The Pillar of Fire vividly portrays the magnificent Egyptian culture in all of its wealth, luxury, and religiosity. Yet amidst this majestic empire, powerful enough to combat the combined world with its superior intelligence and impressive might, lurks a spiritual barrenness, a starving for truth and inner peace. The descriptive style of writing that Rev. J. H. Ingraham so uniquely possesses brings full color and inspiration to every page. Through letters to his beloved mother, the Prince of Tyre personally describes Egypt's idolatrous religion and cruel dominion over the Hebrew people, bringing the suspenseful and spectacular events of the Old Testament to life.

    Brother Branham said, "As I read a book one time called, "A Prince of the House of David"... It was wrote by Dr. Ingraham. Wonderful book, it's a drama. Supposed to be partly true of some old manuscripts that was taken off of a woman named Adena... It'd be good if you picked it up and read it; it's really good: "A prince of the house of David." The same man that wrote Pillar of Fire... And out of that Cecil De Mille took "The Ten Commandments."