DVD - Camp Classics: Eugene Braun 1998

DVD - Camp Classics: Eugene Braun 1998
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    DVD - Camp Classics: Eugene Braun 1998

    2 DVD set.

    Brother Eugene Braun, a genuine Canadian cowboy and horse trainer, shows how a horse can be trained serveral ways: by fear of pain, by breaking its spirit, or by love and trust. Though horses trained any of these ways may seem to respond to their riders in the same way, closer examination reveals this is not so.

    Using extensive video footage of horse training, Brother Eugene illustrates the similarities to human beings who have been trained by love or by fear and the results. This set of DVDs could very well liberate you from your complexes you know you have, but have been unable to be free of.

    2 DVD's include the following message titles,

    1.) The Will To Believe
    2.) The Will To Obey The Word