The Glorious Reformation

The Glorious Reformation
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    The Glorious Reformation
    by S. S. Schmucker

    Samuel Simon Schmucker (February 28, 1799 July 26, 1873) was an American Geman theologian, pastor, seminary founder, and lecturer at the General Lutheran Synod. He is the author of many works on theological topics. This work on the history of Popery is taken from a lecture given to the Synod at some date prior to its first publication in 1837. The facts presented were in his time easily verifiable, and well known. However, the Synod decreed regular reviews of the topic, lest it be too soon forgotten. In our time, these facts are disappearing from history books. If any have cause to doubt these extreme sounding facts almost two centuries later, the reliability of Schmucker’s sources has been thoroughly documented in David Plaisted’s 2006 work: Estimates of the Number Killed by the Papacy in the Middle Ages and Later.

    Paperback, 91 pages.