DVD - The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment

DVD - The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment
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    The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment
    by Jonathan Cahn

    "The bricks have fallen, but we will rebuild with quarried stone. The sycamores have been struck down, but we will plant cedars in their place."

    Does a relatively obscure verse of Scripture hold the secret to the pain and suffering America has been experiencing in increasing doses since 9/11? Are America's key leaders unknowingly fulfilling a prophetic destiny of national judgment by uttering words from the Bible they don't comprehend? Is the United States following in the footsteps of ancient Israel with a spirit of defiance against God leading to increasingly severe judgments? Is America in danger of impending judgment? And is this judgment revealed in an ancient mystery that foretells current events down to the exact dates? What can Americans learn that can prevent their nation from falling like ancient Israel did when it failed to heed God's warnings?

    Format: DVD, 2 disc set
    Runtime: 120 minutes

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