Spiritual Building Stones 001 - 050

Spiritual Building Stones 001 - 050
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    Spiritual Building Stones - 1-50
    Compiled by Gerd Rodewald

    The Spiritual Building Stones series of books are a collection of quotes from Rev. William Branham on certain topics.  These have been complied by our dear Brother Gerd Rodewald, from Bieselsberg, Germany.  The topics covered in this collection are,

      - Let the Blood be Applied and then Apply the Token
      - Just Get Christ in the Heart, to Take Care of the Rest
      - The Mystery of the Cross Now Revealed
      - Calvary Should Be Remembered Every Day!
      - Worship Him in Spirit and Truth
      - The Latter Rain
      - The Only Thing You Have to Do is Just Accept It!
      - What Is Faith?
      - Blessed Assurance
      - First Step: Get in the Spirit
      - With Spirit of Meekness, Receive Christ, the Word
      - Therefore Put on the Whole Armour of God
      - No Judgement Because The Judge Themselves
      - Recognize Your Position In Christ
      - The Divine Identification
      - Right Now We Reign With Christ
      - Whoso Offereth Praise, Glorifieth Me
      - The Dwelling Place of God
      - God Heals!
      - The Chastening of Our Father
      - God is Behind Every Move
      - We Are the Wife of Christ, Bringing Forth Children
      - How Important: To Abide In Him!
      - The Bride Ministers to Christ, the Word
      - But When That Which Is Perfect Is Come
      - Does the Christian Live Through a Royal Law?
      - The Word Is Spirit IN Word Form
      - The Seven Dimensions
      - Redemptive Blessings Through the Cross
      - Going for the Souls of the Lost and the Dying
      - My Strength Is Made Perfect in Weakness
      - The Holy Spirit Is Duvine Love
      - Adoption (Placing Into the Position of a Son)
      - When You Begin to Think His Thoughts
      - It Is Testing Time
      - This Is the Capstone Revelation of Himself
      - A Christian Is At Rest
      - The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Pull of the Son of Man
      - How - When - Where Is The Third Pull Active?
      - The CHaracter of Him Must Be Molded
      - God's Looking for Character
      - The Unveiling of God in Our Days
      - The Great Reward
      - Our Promise: The Divine Restoration
      - The Lord's Day
      - The World in Birth Pains
      - The Natural and Spiritual Man
      - The Serpent's Seed
      - Thy Will Be Done
      - Prayer Is the Keynote
      - Promised Land is to Live in the Holy Spirit

    Paperback, 361 pages.