What Was the Attraction on the Mountain

What Was the Attraction on the Mountain
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    What Was the Attraction on the Mountain? 1963
    Brother Chad Lamb

    In 1963 an extraordinary cloud appeared over Flagstaff, AZ. Because it was positioned higher than is possible for clouds to exist, it captured the attention of the scientific community and was featured in the May issue of Life magazine. Respected atmospheric scientist, Dr. James McDonald, puzzled over it for several years with his last public statement on the subject being that he was still investigating it.

    Eight days after the cloud's appearance, Rev. William Branham experienced a supernatural event on a mountain not far away from where the cloud had been sighted. He believed the cloud and his experience were connected.

    The question is: was the cloud supernatural or was it a fluke that Rev. Branham used to vindicate his ministry? In this sermon, Pastor Chad Lamb addresses this question using Dr. James McDonald's research and examining God's method of vindication based on patterns in the Bible.

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