Supernatural: The Life Of William Branham - Volume II

Supernatural: The Life Of William Branham - Volume II
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    Supernatural: The Life of William Branham - Volume II (Books 4 & 5)
    by Owen Jorgensen

    Book 4 ~ The Evangelist & His Acclamation (1951-1954)
    William Branham's ministry leapt from obscurity to national attention in less than six months in 1946, igniting a worldwide faith-healing revival in the name of Jesus Christ. Hundreds of thousands received salvation, and there was no way to estimate how many millions received healing through this ministry. But he wasn't satisfied. Something seemed wrong. For a long time he didn't know what it was, but by the end of 1954 he knew. His ministry would have to change.

    Book 5 ~ The Teacher And His Rejection (1955-1960)
    Discerning that the people were not understanding the spiritual depths and heights that God's Word was calling them into, William Branham felt called to do more. He noted parallels with Jesus' ministry, wherein many were attracted for a myriad of reasons - for healing, for bread, to see miracles - but it was the teachings of Jesus that so altered the course of history. Starting in 1955, Brother Branham not only taught Divine Healing, but also deeper truths of God's Word. God gave him a vision of a new stage to his ministry - a "third pull" (to use the angel's words) - which would surpass everything God had done through his ministry to that time. But many people still jumped to conclusions and misunderstood - just as many had during the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Paperback, 484 pages.