Blu-Ray - Signs of the Times

Blu-Ray - Signs of the Times
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    Blu-Ray - Signs of the Times
    Brother Chad Lamb

    Luke 21:25-28 states that there will be signs in the sun and the moon and on earth, and when these things come to pass, our, "redemption draweth nigh."

    From the ecumenical frenzy of protestant churches returning back to the mother Catholic church, to the amazing cycle of Tetrad blood moons coinciding with Jewish feasts, to natural disasters and worldwide plagues, Pastor Chad Lamb looks at current affairs and shows an incredible pattern. Brother Branham said, "If you want to see what day you're living in, look where the Jews are. That's God's timepiece." This set of discs shows that there are some incredible developments happening in the Land of Israel today that will excit the Believer.

    This three part series includes...
    - What in the World is Going on?
    - Convergence of Cycles
    - Watching God's Timepiece

    Format: 1080i High Definition Blu-Ray
    3 disc set.